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Melissa Scherer is a strong problem-solver and is dedicated to providing clients with high quality, personalized services.  At Scherer Law, you can expect exceptional legal services in special education and Section 504 matters. Whether your ARD or Section 504 meeting is amicable or loaded with potential pitfalls, Melissa has the skills necessary to make your voice heard and help you manage the stress.

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Effective legal services focused on special education law.

Melissa Scherer delivers superior Special Education legal services.

To effectively advocate for their children, parents need a basic understanding of the IDEA process, and the  consequences of the decisions made through that process. Melissa can help. In addition to providing first-rate legal services for her clients, Melissa counsels and empowers parents to be proactive participants in their child’s special education or Section 504 process.

With tools of understanding, parents can participate fearlessly in their child’s ARD committee or Section 504 meetings.  If your child is receiving – or should receive – special education or Section 504 services, you can turn to Melissa. She will provide informed, reliable advice in all areas of Texas special education and Section 504 law including:

Special Education and Section 504 Records Review and Strategic Planning

Review of your child’s special education, Section 504, and other school records can be a critical first step to determine your child’s specific needs. This is crucial to forming a strategic plan for successful educational programming. From this review, Melissa can provide parents with guidance for participation in meetings with school personnel including participation in ARD committee or Section 504 meetings. She can locate educational experts for individual education evaluations (IEEs), other private evaluations or consultations when needed.

Negotiating and Communicating with School District Personnel

Many disputes can be resolved though means other than litigation, including the process of mediation, while maintaining collaborative relationships with district personnel. Having worked within the school system, Melissa knows how schools function and how to navigate systems successfully to better achieve a positive resolution quickly and effectively — saving the money and time required for protracted litigation while achieving maximum benefits.

Filing TEA or OCR Complaints

When a school district takes (or fails to take) an action, or violates a procedural due process right of a child with disabilities, it is possible to file a complaint with the  Texas Education Agency (TEA) or the US Dept. of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Melissa can help with filing these complaints or you can file these on your own for free. The link to TEA’s webpage for filing a complaint is located here

Representation in ARD Committee or Section 504 Meetings

Melissa uses her knowledge of special education law, and her acquired and invaluable knowledge of the Texas public school system, to strongly advocate for your child’s specific needs. Melissa’s years of experience participating in thousands of ARD committee meetings enables her to be a strong force for your child in an ARD committee or Section 504 meeting.

Manifestation Determination Review or Other School Hearings

Sometimes it is necessary to provide guidance or representation to protect a student with disabilities who has been disciplined harshly by a school district. Melissa also works diligently to keep parents ahead of this issue by providing proactive support and guidance including advocating for appropriate full and individual evaluations (FIEs) and behavioral services including behavior intervention plans (BIPs) for your child.

Special Education and Section 504 Due Process Hearings

Children with disabilities have the right to challenge inadequate educational programming through an administrative due process hearing, and if necessary, through the federal court trial and appellate system. Many cases and issues can be solved through diligent, creative, and steadfast advocacy without the necessity of litigation, but we remain willing to pursue all appropriate remedies through due process and the court system.

Services for Lawyers

Whether it’s attending an ARD committee or Section 504 meeting, providing research, or assisting with a sensitive mediation, if you’re an attorney who needs assistance with a special education file, Scherer Law, PLLC can help.

To make sure your voice is heard, call 817-919-8738 or contact our law firm in Fort Worth and schedule a free consultation with Melissa Scherer today!