Melissa Scherer

Melissa Scherer, Texas Special Education Attorney

Special Education Attorney Melissa Scherer

Melissa Scherer is the founding member of Scherer Law, PLLC. Prior to opening the firm, Melissa practiced at a prominent school law firm in Texas as a special education attorney. Her current practice focuses on all aspects of special education law, Section 504 services, and also includes guardianship matters for special education clients.

Melissa understands that many of her clients are coming to her for assistance during stressful periods in their lives. Her clients value her because she mitigates that stress through her responsiveness, efficiency, and excellence in advocacy. Melissa graduated cum laude from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. Prior to practicing law, Melissa had a successful career in the field of education. A dynamic individual, she has filled numerous roles in that field, from kindergarten teacher to special education diagnostician. Melissa draws on her in-depth understanding of child development and special education to help her clients negotiate the often complicated educational system.

 Few attorneys possess the unique set of skills that Melissa brings to the table in a conflict involving a school district. Melissa’s experience as a diagnostician supplies the background necessary to quickly interpret the often complicated evaluations and vast committee meeting records. With this knowledge, she is able to present an effective and persuasive argument for obtaining eligibility or gaining additional services. She has participated in thousands of Admission Review and Dismissal (“ARD”) committee meetings. Additionally, Melissa has served on countless evaluation teams for students ages 2 through 22, including autism, specific learning disability, dyslexia, intellectual disability, emotional disturbance, vision and hearing impairment and other health impairment evaluation teams.

Having worked within a variety of school systems, Melissa knows how schools function and how to navigate successfully within the school system to better achieve a positive resolution to a dispute quickly, effectively saving her clients both time and money. At the same time, she strives to preserve the family’s collaborative relationship with school personnel. Melissa’s school background provides the experience necessary to ask penetrating questions of school administrators, therapists, and teachers. From this extensive experience with school systems, Melissa is able to provide fresh thinking and effective legal services. Additionally, Melissa has completed basic and family mediator certification courses to better provide her clients with responsive care. While Melissa believes that negotiation often provides a cost-effective route to reaching settlement, she recognizes that litigation can be a necessary tool for reaching her clients’ goals.

“I work with clients during emotionally stressful times.  By taking on the role of dedicated advocate in their matters, I empower my clients to invest their energy into what’s truly important: their families. It’s extremely rewarding to know that, with a knowledgeable approach and strong advocacy, I can help families move on to happier times.”